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For those of you who want the quick answer….

Weddings start at $2600, all other portraits start at $350

And, to those of you who want to know more about the investment…

If I could do photography for free and still have spending money to go on vacation and to buy my son clothes, I would! But, the fact is that life requires money, to buy new photography equipment and to have that iced latte while enjoying a good book.

11-years ago when my husband and I got married, my parents and I looked at photographers. I couldn’t believe how much they charged for just a few hours of shoot time. I thought: how hard could snapping a few photos be? I had no idea exactly what went into the process. Which, I realize now is part of the problem. Our photographer shot film and didn’t give us digital negatives, he simply shot the wedding and handed us 30 rolls of film. Today, photography is so different, or better yet, I’m different.

Let me explain a little about what I do…the first part of the experience is the day-of shooting. But, before you even see me on “the day” I do research about the venue, or place that I’m shooting. I like to know what photos have taken there (to know the best vantage points). If I haven’t been to the location, I like to visit ahead of time, see where the shadows hit and what the lighting looks like. Then, a typical wedding is 6-10 hours. The part that is the most time consuming is the editing of images, not the actual shooting time (this comes as a surprise to many). I tell my clients that for every hour of shooting, I edit 10 hours. Yes, so if you have a 6-hour wedding, I’m editing at least 60 hours at home. And, editing requires creativity so I don’t push more than 4 hours of editing in a day on a single project. A typical wedding requires about 8-10 weeks to edit. And, it would be a faster turn around if your wedding was the only one I was working on. Within one-to-two weeks, I like to post a sneak-peak on Facebook, with your approval. I’m also happy to send you a few digital photos via email for your “thank-you” cards. (Note: editing works the same with family portraits 1-hour shoot = 10 hours of editing, and about a 2-3 week turnaround.)

I don’t believe in a “one-package-fits all” pricing sheet, some couples want 6 hours day-of shooting, others want 10….there are those who don’t want engagement photos and some that want an elaborate, all-day engagement session, prints, canvases, albums, the packages are endless. I want your package to fit you and your fiancé. So, let’s grab a coffee and chat about what you want your perfect day to look like.

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